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Village of Remsen is awarded grant money for Inflow and Infiltration Study
December 19, 2017

We are proud to announce that the following Grant Application has been approved :

# 75676
Oneida County 
Village of Remsen
Inflow and Infiltration Study:

The Village of Remsen will complete an
engineering report to identify sources of inflow
and infiltration (I/I) and provide rehabilitation
recommendations for reducing I/I in the system.
DEC EPG , $30,000

This study is to examine and document the amount of water that comes into our Waste Treatment Plant during rain storms or melting of snow or other natural events. This study and recommendations will also help the Village of Remsen to further prove that most of the northern Water issues can be contributed to the run off of water from large rain storms or massive snow melt.

We applied for 2 grants this year :

1.) Phase 2 Storm Mitigation Project , This grant was to generate and document the need and cost to implement the 2nd phase of a 3 phase Storm Mitigation project. Unfortunately, we were not approved for this study.

2.) Inflow and Infiltration: also known as (I and I study) This study is to document the amount of water that the Waste Treatment Plant needs to treat during large amounts of water run off.

We continue to build our case for the need of Grant money to properly mitigate our water run off which plagues Upper Main Street and John Street areas. We will update and be working with Engineers to complete the study and we will report their findings.

Remsen native Erin Hamilin participating in World Cup race to Olympic Qualification
October 22, 2017
In the next month, Remsen native Erin Hamlin will be entering the World Cup in a bid to qualify for the 2018 US Olympic Team for Luge. To show our support and encouragement for Erin, we will be tracking her events and her results as she pursues her goal.
The schedule of events is as follows:
11/18-11/19- Viessman World Cup- Innsbruck, Austria
11/25-11/26- Viessman World Cup- Winterberg, Germany
12/2-12/3- Viessman World Cup- Altenberg, Germany 
12/8-12/9- Viessman World Cup- Calgary, Canada
12/15-12/16- Viessman World Cup- Lake Placid, United States
On 12/16, it will be announced whether Erin qualified for the Olympics.
We will be providing notifications when an event is upcoming, ways to watch, and her results. Stay tuned!
Proposed National Grid Rate Increase
July 22, 2017
National Grid has proposed an increase to gas and electric rates.
Town and Village Community Group Formed
May 16, 2017
A joint committee between the Town and Village of Remsen has been formed to help revitalize the local community through volunteer work and community programs. The Community Revitalization Committee is currently looking for volunteers to assist in various local cleanup projects, including trash pickup along the railroad tracks, cleanup along local roads, and other quality of life improvements. Please locate them on facebook at: . They are looking for volunteers to get many of these projects up and running. 
Vacant Land for Sale
October 27, 2012

Vacant Land Auction 


The Village of Remsen will offer at auction on Saturday, November 7, 2012 at 10:00 am at Prospect Road, approximately 49 acres of vacant land adjoining three roadways (Prospect Road, Francis Road, and James Road).


The Oneida County tax map numbers are: #160.000-2-27 and #160.000-1-57.  


The land contains approximately 32,000 board feet of Spruce Saw logs, 17,000 board feet of Mixed Hardwood Saw logs, and 2,800 tons of Whole Tree Fuel chip.



- Day of sale announcements take precedence over media advertisement.

- The subject premises are not being offered due to mortgage foreclosure, delinquet taxes or finacial encumbrances, but soley to sell unneeded municipal property. An updated Abstractof Title will be provided to the successful bidder by the owner.

-Eligibility Requirements: All registered auction participants will be allowed to participate in the oral bidding process. A bank check in the amount of $6,000.00 on the date of sale will be accepted as a good faith deposit by the successful bidder. (The total deposit shall be ten percent (10%) of the agreed upon successful bid. Any residual balance due shall be providedwithin four (4) business days to the Seller's attourney.

-Bidding Process: Upon reaching the "end of bid" phase, stated owner has the option to reject the final bid or to make one bid of it's own. If the final oral is acceptable to owner, the closing is expected to be completed within thirty (30) days.

-Penalty for backing out after the auction: An offer to Purchase (draft copy attached) shall be signed by the successful bidder and the owner further defining closing details, responsibilities and schedules. Failure of buyer to follow through will result in the forfeiture of $6,000.00 of the toal of the "good faith deposits" as and for liquidated damages.

-Premsies shall be conveyed by Municipal Quitclaim Deed.

-Be informed: Bidders are encouraged to contact the Village Clerk to arrange an inspection of the properrty.


More information can be obtained by contacting the Village of Remsen Office during office hours. 




August 04, 2011

The village of Remsen is proud to announce the opening of the             

Remsen Performing and Visual Arts Center located next to the firehouse on Main Street. The team of volunteers did an amazing job restoring the exterior and interior of the building to make it a space available to local artists and performers alike! Great job, and welcome! You are helping to make a special village even more memorable to all who pass through!

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