Village Of Remsen

Oneida County


Map 1907

1798    Oneida County was formed and Remsen Township was organized on March 15th

1800    Grist Mill, Saw Mill & Blacksmith shops were operating adjacent to the high falls, south end of the village

1812    Tannery was established along Main Street

1831    Capel Cerrig (Stone Meeting House) was opened

1845    Village of Remsen was incorporated

1869    Remsen Township was divided and the Town of Forestport was formed on November 24th

1892    Railroad junction of all three train lines north of Utica was completed at the Remsen Depot

1892    Remsen Methodist Church was built     

1893    Remsen Baptist Church was dedicated

1908    Cornerstones were set for the current Didymus Thomas Library

1910    Junction House on Maple Street was built

1922    Remsen Volunteer Fire Company was organized

1935    Current Remsen Central High School building was dedicated, north end of the village

1964    Passenger train service ended in Remsen and the Depot building was torn down

1980    First Annual Remsen Barn Festival of the Arts was held along Main Street

1980    Current Remsen Central Elementary School building was completed

1997    New Gym addition is finished at Remsen Central High School

2000    Restoration of the rail yard, repairs to the original water tank, the completion of the new Remsen Depot

Historic Aerial photo
Main Street, North
Remsen Depot
Depot Street
Falls 1812
Main Street, South
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