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Programs & Projects

Programs & Projects

Current Village Projects and Programs


Drainage Issues:

      Due to persistant drainage issues on upper Main Street, the Village is pursuing long-term solutions to drainage problems, and seeking funding through grants in order to best accomplish these long-term goals. 

New Equipment

      The equipment the Village is using for maintenance and snow removal is starting to age, and we are looking at the benefits and pricing of replacing this equipment with newer models. 

Future Village of Remsen projects and programs


Seeking Grants and Funding

      The Village is looking towards working with the Tug Hill Commission to help obtain grants to assist with community repairs and projects.

Utility Mapping

      A project is being planned to plot storm drains, curb stops, and water shutoffs throughout the village. The resulting map would be available to the public. 


Prior Village of Remsen projects and programs


Spring Street Cleanup:

      Total Lawn Care has been hired to clean village streets of sand after the winter. 

Drainage/ Storm Sewer repair: 

     The Village is currently working on reparing several drains throughout Remsen to ensure safe water flow/management in the event of heavy rains and spring melt off. It is necessary to repair the drains before the Village begins to repave the streets. 

Water Filtration Back-up Operator Search:

       The Village is in need of providing Gene Doerr with a back-up operator, and we anticipate advertising for this job opening in the Rural Water paper as well as the Rome Sentinel.  


Water Meter Replacement:    

      The Village recently purchased ten new water meters that will be installed on the exterior of homes and read remotely once a month. In the next few years, the entire village will be converted to the new meters, which will alleiviate inaccurate readings due to faulty or non-working meters. 


Tree Stump Removal:

       Please note that the Village will begin to remove the stumps of trees that were cut down this spring. 


Trash Day Assistance Program:

During Spring & Fall Trash Days assistance is available to village residents that are unable to dispose of large items.  Contact the Village Offices for details or to sign up for assistance.


Summer Concert Series:

The outdoor concert series is held at the Depot.  Remsen community band & local entertainers play various styles of music throughout the summer.  Residents bring their own folding chairs or find a seat on the lawn to enjoy these free performances.

Digital Towpath Technology Program:

Our website is hosted by Digital Towpath e-government content management system which provides local governments with  an easy to use, cost efficient tool, which they use to build full featured web sites  The Digital Towpath Project was recognized for its innovative approach  to increasing citizens' access to local government Winning a Best of NY Award for an Application Serving the Public and a  Best Practices Award for Policy that recognized the collaborative effort that developed and still sustains the Digital Towpath project.


The Joint Board:

This organization serves our community by increasing communication between all our local groups to better serve those who live here.  One member of each organization attends a quarterly meeting to discuss upcoming projects, request assistance from other groups or coordinate volunteer activities.  The Joint board is represented by numerous groups which include Village of Remsen, Town of Remsen, Remsen Central School, Remsen Fire Department, VFW, RDC Remsen Depot, Remsen-Steuben Historical Society, Barn Festival Committee, NOCCOG & members of the community.

       NIMS (National Incident Management System) & Hazard Mitigation Plan: 2006

NIMS, the Hazard Mitigation Plan (all towns and villages in Oneida County) and all associated training has been completed and accepted by resolution, making the Village of Remsen eligible for FEMA funding and grants.

Village Beautification Project: 2006 House Painting Lottery

The home of Brad and Lisa Tyson on Main Street was painted by village board members, the home owner, friends & family, and local residents.  The materials and funding were provided by private donations and the Neighborworks center provided the insurance coverage.

Water Improvement Study: 2005

Due to the poor water quality during the summer of 2005 the Village Board has authorized a water quality study by Dodson Engineering for the municipal water system.  Any recommendations from this study will be implemented by seeking infrastructure improvement grants from NYS and the Federal Government.

Water Tank Replacement Grant (1st application): 2005

The current water tank located above Rt.12 is in poor condition.  The Village applied for an improvement grant in 2005 to replace the existing tank with a new glass lined tank.  We did not receive the grant in 2005 and will be resubmitting the grant application in 2006 showing increased need.  If approved the new tank would be installed near the existing tank.



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